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Was money wasted on water and sewer pipes?

The City of Shreveport may have wasted millions of dollars on the unnecessary lining of new pipes on a federally mandated water and sewer project. This according to city council members.

Shreveport was reported to the EPA in 2009 for multiple sewer overflows. Most of the city’s infrastructure was built before 1960 using concrete or clay. Well, concrete deteriorates over time and clay is no longer used.

The agreement was that Shreveport needed to comply with the Clean Water Act by 2026 by fixing the pipe problems, either by lining existing pipe or laying new pipe.

Come to find out, contractors working on the project spotted places where the new pipe had been laid where there was already lined pipe. This overlap has wasted millions of dollars for the city.

While the city council members are still trying to figure out if millions were actually wasted, the city itself cannot find any facts backing up the claims.