Trenchless Technology Demos and Premier Golf Tournament Slated for November

Perma-Liner Industries LLC, a trenchless repair solutions manufacturer, announces its latest Technology Showcase is scheduled for Nov. 5-8 in Clearwater, Fla. The premier Perma-Liner Golf Tournament will conclude the showcase on Friday, Nov. 8, at the Pasadena Yacht & Country Club. “We will be showing a plethora of new equipment, materials and entire systems,” says […]

In New Orleans the history is present in the streets.

In New Orleans the history is present in the streets. Older historic buildings line the streets and the infrastructure is just as old as the buildings. Using Perma-Liner™ Cured-in-place-pipe lining systems helps add 50 years or more lifespan to these creole pipes. With the city also so close to sea levels, digging and replacing methods […]

Ambient Cure is perfect for Louisiana Climate

Ambient Cure is perfect for Louisiana Climate

Local New Orleans contractor researched many other companies and techniques that met their need and the needs of the customers, and after much research chose Perma-Liner™ Industries, LLC  for their CIPP lining systems. Perma-Liner’s equipment and materials are the only one that completely met the needs for both the company and customer. The non-stretch material […]

Addressing The Flooding Problems of New Orleans

New Orleans streets have endured much rain, water and sewage is the years past. Hurricane Katrina left the city in ruins and even still today the city is recovering from the aftermath and casualties. After Katrina, the city has made many improvements but still suffer from major flooding and pollution. Many broken sewer pipes have […]