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The LightRay LRI system was a game-changer

In the vibrant heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter, nestled among the historic streets and lively jazz music, a popular local restaurant faced a crisis that threatened its very foundation. The problem lay hidden beneath the surface: the old cast iron sewer pipes, dating back decades, had deteriorated, causing frequent backups and unpleasant odors that disturbed the guests and jeopardized the restaurant’s reputation and operations.

The restaurant owner, aware of the potential disruption to business, was desperate for a solution that wouldn’t require closing the doors, even temporarily. Traditional repair methods would have meant excavating the old streets, a lengthy and invasive process that could have shut down the restaurant for weeks. That’s when the owner learned about the LightRay LRI trenchless UV pipe repair system from Waterline Renewal Technologies.

The LightRay LRI system was a game-changer. With the ability to cure lateral lengths of up to 150 feet at a rapid pace of 6.3 feet per minute in all types of pipe, it offered a swift and efficient solution. The restaurant’s sewer line, running approximately 100 feet from the building to the main sewer, was well within the system’s capabilities. Moreover, the system’s proprietary design allowed the light train, with its double-strand, cold LED lights, to navigate the multiple bends in the old cast iron pipes, some of which were at 90 degrees, without the need for heat during the curing process.

The process began in the early hours, ensuring minimal disruption. The LightRay LRI‘s liner material, available in the necessary 6-inch diameter for the restaurant’s pipes, was pre-wet and ready to install. The installation team quickly set up the equipment, and the repair was underway. The UV resin, designed to cure without elevated temperatures, was perfect for the sensitive urban environment of the French Quarter, eliminating the risk of heat damage to the surrounding area.

As the sun rose over New Orleans, the repair was completed in record time. The restaurant’s sewer line was fully operational again before the doors opened for the day’s business. The owner was immensely relieved and impressed by the efficiency and effectiveness of the LightRay LRI system. The restaurant suffered no downtime, and the guests remained blissfully unaware of the potential crisis that had been averted beneath their feet.

Proudly made in the USA, the LightRay product line’s quality and reliability shone through in this critical moment. The restaurant owner was particularly reassured by the 1-year limited warranty and the training provided by Waterline Renewal Technologies. The LightRay LRI system not only saved the sewer line but also preserved the heritage and uninterrupted operation of a beloved French Quarter establishment, proving its worth as a top-tier solution for trenchless pipe repair. For more information, please contact us.