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New Orleans Storm Water Demo for Students


The Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans offers a storm water demonstration called Enviroscape.  This is an educational tool for students to gain awareness about the local environmental issues and how storm water can affect the community.  The demonstrations are free of charge and include a presentation for approximately 30 minutes for a group size of 15 students. The small group size is suggested to allow all of the students a chance to view the demonstration. There are non-toxic materials to simulate pollution that may be released from farms, industry, cars, neighborhoods, golf courses, and construction sites. A simulated rainstorm demonstrates how pollutants can accumulate in the storm sewer system and are eventually discharged to water bodies. The demonstrator will discuss local effects of storm pollution and existing projects implemented in Orleans Parish to reduce storm pollution.

In addition to this program, another interesting initiative called ‘Ripple Effect’ was also a recently designed to assist teachers and students in establishing water literacy programs at their schools. The city brings together designers, educators, and water experts to create standards-aligned and design-based classroom experiences that connect to real places. It is an effective tool for promoting literacy and awareness through design-based, in-school instruction. Students will have the knowledge and skills they need to strengthen their communities in an era of climate change and sea level rise. The program includes a variety of planned field trips, guided discussion, presentations, design exercises, and technical sessions to build the skills necessary to develop design-based and standards-aligned curriculum.


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