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New Orleans Smart Home Buying Strategy saves Time and Money

New Orleans is a city with many awe-inspiring homes from historic Esplanade Ridge to Gentilly with its landscaping of trees and exquisite and spacious yards. The residents here were met with vast destruction during Hurricane Katrina. However, the city at- large has been adept at rebuilding and in doing so, has also acquired more skillful preparedness when it comes to home buying.  Interestingly, data reveals that up to one-quarter of pending home sales do not close. But not for lack of effort.  There are several items on the ‘to-do’ list for those preparing to sell their home ranging from home inspections and sewer checks, to roof and even mold checks, to name a few. In order to work smart, not hard, there are also some important steps to take to avoid buying pitfalls, as well. If the buyer seems unsure or there seem to be obstacles looming around the deal, it’s best to look elsewhere. This could be a sign of things starting to go downhill in the process. Also, it is advisable to complete the aforementioned home inspection as this can be the biggest hurdle in the entire process. Additionally, prior to listing the property, a real estate agent would be wise to get a title report to be certain there are no last minute surprises.

New Orleans, the 2017 Sustainable Water Management Conference is right around the corner! It’s happening this month and it’s all about learning the most up-to-date water management solutions facing your city and cities nationwide. They’ll be showcases on sustainable infrastructure, as well as a closer analysis of effective alternatives, including stormwater and reuse.  You’ll also want to schedule one of the informative tours that will be available during the Conference.

Interesting fact: The Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans operates 24 Drainage Pumping Stations- with an entire capacity of over 32 billion gallons a day, enough to fill the Superdome in less than 50 minutes.