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New Orleans Prepares Drainage Systems for Storm Season


As rain persists in New Orleans and other locations, such as Lake Charles and St. Bernard, many residents are making plans to get useful flood protection. The St. Bernard flood protection system covers more than 35 miles and protects against storm surge as high as 32 feet. But it comes at a cost of maintaining the water infrastructures can be a laborsome task. However, with the vast flooding that has been almost synonymous with the state, it may be a cost worth the sacrifice. During the hurricane season, parishes are taking extra precautions to ensure the stability of the drainage systems. Many have implemented a contingency plan to have the parish road workers close flood gates, if necessary. The most recent storm surge occurred in Calcasieu parish as an episode of flash flooding covered the area.  The heavy rain has also resulted in major traffic backups throughout Lake Charles, causing road closures.

There are measures you can take to stay as safe as possible from these wet weather events. To be sure your drainage system works, clean your gutters at least a couple of times- annually, to keep them from overflowing. Leaves and debris will clog gutters and can send water back toward your roof, walls, or foundation. If your gutters connect to storm sewers, keep drain lines clear. Does your home have a check-valve device? Some homes are equipped with check-valve devices that allow water and sewage to flow away from the drain, preventing a backup.

Perma-Liner Industries can be your first line of defense before damages occur. A qualified plumber can assist you in planning the best steps to take to keep your home and valuables free from water damage. Stay safe! Call us and we’ll recommend a certified professional to inspect the sewer pipelines and systems in your home, so you’ll be protected regardless of the weather.

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