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New Orleans Initiative Replaces Paving With Plants


New Orleans is currently participating in a proactive program for residents to take part in. The Greater New Orleans Water Collaborative main goal to help homeowners remove excessive concrete or asphalt in front of their homes. The Water Management Strategy called for significant and lasting changes to storm water management, utilizing rainfall to help solve problems related to water storage and even land subsidence, a sinking problem that cracks city streets and home’s foundations  Removing impermeable surfaces and replacing it with landscaping that absorbs storm water and helps diminish runoff can ease flash flooding. The Urban Conservatory is funding this initiative which connects homeowners with landscapers, concrete removal firms and other resources to help them replace paving with plants. The goal for the New Orleans program is to help pool resources to make it easier and more affordable for homeowners, and neighborhoods, to have the work done. The program offers access to garden plants at wholesale prices and reduced-cost maintenance landscaping services. Eventually it hopes to have some financial assistance available to help residents cover the expense.

Landscaping that soaks up rainwater is good for local soils, which need moisture. The soil shrinks and swells with groundwater fluctuations. Drying out the soil can contribute to decline and reduction.  Did you know that Gardens in Louisiana yield a plethora of tasty winter vegetables if planted this month? Some of those include beet, cabbage, carrot, celery, Chinese cabbage, collard, endive, garlic, kale and many more. Happy Planting!

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