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Louisiana True Grit in Deluge, Sewer Overflows, and Homeowner Policy Changes


Our condolences to the State of Louisiana after the wide-reaching flood catastrophe which affected many residents of the state. It’s been a month of loss and yet again, going into re-build mode. Perma-Liner Industries offers our support to all affected by the floods and would like you to reach out to us if we can be of service to you in reestablishing the stability and structure of the pipelining system in your homes. In the latest assessment, the Louisiana National Guard rescued more than 19,040 citizens and 2,660 pets in the first seven days that came after the start of this month’s historic flooding. All told, over 30,000 rescues were needed. At least 84,000 homes were damaged by floodwaters, with 80,000 of those homes located in Baton Rouge and parishes in immediate proximity. In addition, sewer systems subsequently overloaded and malfunctioned due to sudden and heavy rainfalls.

Thousands of homes experienced damages and sustained anywhere from less than a foot of water to floods that reached rooftops. These drastic measures effectuated a change for Flood insurance policyholders. Now many homeowners statewide will be able to receive thousands of dollars in early, partial settlement payments without having to wait for an adjuster to inspect their damaged property. The new policy, which has two components, is designed to speed up recovery efforts by getting settlement cash for flood victims in a prompt manner. The first change allows homeowners to get up to $5,000 each for a policy covering their home and a policy covering its contents simply by signing an advance payment form, which can be obtained from the company that services their policies. Normally, a homeowner doesn’t get a settlement until after a final “proof of loss” statement is signed, which can be a time-consuming process. Under the new rules for the parishes declared federal disaster areas, half of the declared amounts could be paid out within several days of the inspection.