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History Runs Deep for the Shreveport Sewer System

Trenchless technology continues its popularity with more and more municipalities and businesses turning to this option. Not only does the trenchless process save time, but it also saves money. It’s partially for this reason that Shreveport has moved to this type of repair for the city’s sewer system, which first started in 2014.

The city decided to move to CIPP (cured-in-place pipe), a method for restoring older pipelines with minimal digging in streets and on adjacent property, due to the time-sensitive deadlines mandated by the Consent Decree his work is being done as part of the federally-mandated Consent Decree and will eventually result in improved sewer service and cleaner water in our creeks, bayous, and rivers.

Because of the time-sensitive deadlines mandated by the Consent Decree, as well as the need to save money, the city is implementing wherever possible an innovative repair method called CIPP lining. This trenchless technology also minimizes the need to cut down trees in some areas and reduces conflicts with other utilities.

The city is currently working on phase one of a five-phase plan and each phase will incorporate trenchless technology as the city works to get the water and sewer systems of Shreveport up to modern standards and ready for the future.

CIPP technology is a safe and environmentally sound solution to replace and repair aging pipes. Previously, nearly all underground work in Shreveport had been completed using a traditional “dig and replace” open-cut technique.

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