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Eagleville Small Beginnings Lead to an Impressive Sewer System


The city of Eagleville is a small-sized, quaint town known for picturesque views, pleasing antique shops and parks. But even more impressive is the startup of a brand new sewer system, considered a first for a major development for this modest town.  The transition from septic to sewer was no easy task and required years of planning and dedication to something more advanced and potentially more expensive for residents involved. Until recently, the system was hit or miss for functioning ability. The upgrade to the municipal sewer system undoubtedly comes as a welcome change, as concerns grew regarding protecting the community from pollutants entering the Harpeth River. Wet weather events inevitably made the situation worse. Up to now, Eagleville is one of several towns offered funding in order to build a new system, which chose to make the change. Residents of Eagleville are encouraged to come out to a special infrastructure planning meeting held this month at city hall.

Other sewer news: The city of Memphis has been consistently working in order to alleviate the overflow problems experienced last year when a broken pipe leaked more than 350 gallons of raw sewage into McKellar Lake and Cypress Creek. The city is endeavoring to outline the most effective strategy to guard against overflows that can put residents in harm’s way caused by contaminants. Memphis is also planning for future projects designed to protect the environment.

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