Waterline Renewal Technologies

Addressing The Flooding Problems of New Orleans

New Orleans streets have endured much rain, water and sewage is the years past. Hurricane Katrina left the city in ruins and even still today the city is recovering from the aftermath and casualties. After Katrina, the city has made many improvements but still suffer from major flooding and pollution. Many broken sewer pipes have let sewage leak into the drain line and the runoff is reaching Lake Pontchartain.  New Orleans is looking for alternative methods to prevent flooding and reduce pollution.  The city is looking for alternatives that would be cost effective and not harm the infrastructure.  Perma-Liner™ Industries, LLC. Has a series of pipe lining systems that are pioneering the sewer and storm sanitary systems. Flooding and leaking could be a result of a blocked or broken sewer pipe or main. After the line is cleaned out Perma-Liner systems can rehabilitated the pipe forming a waterproof structural “pipe within a pipe”. The benefits of Perma-Liner™ CIPP systems are; stops infiltration/ex-filtration, relines any material of pipe, short cure times, eliminates root intrusion and multiple installations can be installed per day. With Perma-Liner™ systems the infrastructure does not have to be harmed because our systems are trenchless meaning “no dig” pipe lining is also a cost effective method to pipe rehabilitation instead of the digging and replacing! Find out more on Perma-Liner™ cured-in-place-pipe systems today by visiting our website at www.perma-liner.com.